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A new ProKick beginners kickboxing 6 week course kicks-off Thursday 21st February 2019 @ 8.15pm

Here's a New Kickboxing Fitness Course set in February 2019


Join us TONIGHT for a new ProKick beginners course set of 2019. The 6 week fitness course will kick-off on Monday 18th February @ 8.15pm. This no-nonsence approach to fitness is an ultimate way to get fit, increase your confidence, learn new skills with techniques for self-defence in this all in one fitness special.

Sign-up for the NEW ProKick 6week fitness course kickboxing style course. The fast-moving course is set for Monday 18th February @ 8.15pm. It will all happen in the #ProKickGym in East Belfast where you will work through the fundamentals of fitness, elements of self-defence and if you require, we will come up with a dietary plan for those serious about getting in shape.